Maconde Wood Sculpture in Mozambique

Makonde Art and Political History of Mozambique (1950-1974) by Lia Laranjeira
Published by publisher Intermeios, in Maputo in 2018 I discovered in the old Minerva Bookstore in Maputo, is a publication of the doctoral thesis in the postgraduate program of Social History of the University of São Paulo.

It is an interesting book in that it makes an extensive and critical reading of the Maconde sculpture phenomenon in Mozambique. It approaches researches made in colonial times from the works of the Nampula Museum and the Campaigns of the Anthropologist Jorge Dias in the sixties.

It also addresses the social issue of sculpture producers, in their relationship with the social history of the group of macondes, in their transits of confrontation and resistance to the colonial state. It also addresses the Macao activism in the context of the war of liberation from Tanzania.

In the end, he approaches the symbolic question of the use of the Maconde sculpture as an identity element of free Mozambique.

See Tambem Leite, Pedro Pereira (2015 ) A Escultura Maconde e a Ideia de Moçambicanidade

Por Pedro Pereira Leite

Dinamizador do Museu Educação Global e Diversidade Cultural
Museu Afro Digital - Portugal.

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